Brad Rothschild and Emmy Award-winner Brian Mait will direct the extraordinary story of a young heroic Swede who in 1944 traded his life of comfort for war torn Budapest to lead a mission to save tens of thousands of the city's remaining Jews from Nazi extermination. Just as Budapest was liberated in January 1945, Raoul Wallenberg himself became a victim when he was arrested by the Red Army on the orders of Stalin and vanished into the Soviet Gulag Nearly 70 years later his fate remains one of the twentieth century's greatest unsolved mysteries.

Raoul Wallenberg has been declared Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem and was made an Honorary United States Citizen by act of Congress in 1981, an honor only previously bestowed to Winston Churchill. Yet, despite these recognitions and the tens of thousands of people that are alive today as a result of his sacrifice, his story remains relatively unknown.

This film will focus on Raoul Wallenberg's upbringing in one of the wealthiest families in Sweden to his time as an architecture student at the University of Michigan, his daring and selfless humanitarian effort, his tragic disappearance into the Soviet Gulag, and the continuing the pursuit for answers about his mysterious fate. The documentary will include eyewitness accounts from the people Wallenberg saved and interviews with his family, experts, intelligence officers and world leaders. The film will incorporate newly released materials from his family, and international archives. The film is currently in post-production, bringing together interviews and research conducted in the U.S. and on location in Hungary, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland and Israel, with a targeted 2021 release.